ACTI China is a Chinese based inspection company

We are your eyes abroad and assure the expected quality in your supply chain all over. china with our experienced staff in competitive prices

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Hefei International Talent City
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Anhui Chuxu Testing and Inspection Services Co., Ltd. (ACTI China)

Audit, Inspection (before, during and after manufacturing) , Expediting, Pre-shipment inspection, loading supervision

Our staff

The power of ACTI China is exclusively based on its vast number of local-technical inspectors. A team of highly skilled professionals are working hard to make trust among parties. Personnel available worldwide include ...

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Who we can serve

We provide our services to many different sectors, offering quality services wherever it is required. Some Sectors we currently provide services to are ...

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How we add Value

Cost-efficient proposals, Online NCR checking between the client and inspectors, Quick, Accurate and Qualified reporting, Team availability 27/7, Vast network of local inspectors all over China, Streamlined services, Flexible approach to projects, Technical consultancy in supply Chain managment

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Our Service

Online Remote Monitoring, Quality Improvement, Performance Optimization, Trustable Sourcing

Trust Matters

China Quality Inspection Services